Get warehouse workers with
experience and expertise

Have you ever tried to hire a temporary worker who had never worked in a warehouse before?

Then you know it can be challenging to get good value for money in that scanario. A temporary worker is not just a temporary worker.

When you hire one of our warehouse workers, you don’t just get a person to fill a vacant position. You get experienced, skilled, and certified temporary warehouse workers who take responsibility and carry out the tasks in your warehouse.

In these situations, temporary warehouse workers can be important for your company:

  • When you experience seasonal fluctuations in the warehouse – for example in connection with Black Friday or Christmas shopping
  • When your warehouse is hit by peak load in the event of, for example, sudden growth
  • When your (key) employees are on sick leave and you urgently need more hands that can step directly into operations

We have team leaders who are responsible for the practicalities and make sure that the details fall into place in connection with start-up, training, and contact.

The price is factor-based, based on the hourly wage that your own employees receive.

Reasons to collaborate with Flexicu:

  • You get transparent prices and a flexibility that allows you to scale up and down the warehouse operation based on current business needs. That way you don't pay for idle time.
  • Our temporary workers and employees have experience and training in storage and logistics, so they can enter your operation from day 1. This means that you save time and money on training.
  • We have extensive experience with warehouse optimization and operation. Therefore, we can quickly see where you are bleeding money in the warehouse and get it corrected.