Recruitment and try’n’hire

Recruiting is expensive and time-consuming – and wrong hires can be particularly costly.

Flexicu offers to help you find the right candidate. Either through classic recruitment or Try’n’hire.


We help you find the right candidate. We identify your needs and match those with competent and educated candidates through our extensive network of candidates, developed through many years in this line of work.

We believe in our ability to match your business needs with the right candidate, so no charge will be made until the 3 month trial period for the candidate is completed.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could try out an employee’s skills in daily operations before committing to them in a contract?

With our Try’n’hire solution you can!

So why hire an employee without having tested the collaboration and their skills in daily operations?

We rent the candidate to you for a given period, during which you develop the collaboration. This gives both you and the candidate the opportunity to feel whether you are the right match.

After the “try”-period ends, you can take over the candidate for an agreed price.

Settlement takes place at cost price plus a recruitment fee. It saves you the costs in relation to the recruitment work and any risk of wrong hires is eliminated.

Reasons to collaborate with Flexicu:

  • You get transparent prices and a flexibility that allows you to scale up and down the warehouse operation based on current business needs. That way you don't pay for idle time.
  • Our temporary workers and employees have experience and training in storage and logistics, so they can enter your operation from day 1. This means that you save time and money on training.
  • We have extensive experience with warehouse optimization and operation. Therefore, we can quickly see where you are bleeding money in the warehouse and get it corrected.