SSI Diagnostica

We needed to sort, repackage and label a lot of goods from our subsidiary in China at short notice and with a high degree of flexibility. We didn't have the capacity for that ourselves.

Therefore, we had to rapidly acquire an external warehouse and many employees who could manage the process of unsorted parcels that had to be sorted and packed according to item and lot number and distributed to customers throughout Europe.

In less than a week, Flexicu had acquired both a warehouse and employees to manage the process.

The will to make things succeed and the great flexibility have been decisive for us succeeding in the task.

Mikkel Sørensen, SSI Diagnostica

About the case:

SSI Diagnostica produces and distributes, among other things, diagnostic products for microbiological laboratories.

Flexicu stepped in when the company suddenly received a large amount of goods, which had to be repackaged – in accordance with the high requirements of the diagnostic industry – and distributed throughout Europe.

Rather than the company having to employ 20 or 30 employees for the urgent task (and subsequently having to dismiss them again), they could scale up and down as needed with employees from Flexicu.

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