The two biggest advantages we have gained from our collaboration with Flexicu are variable costs and competent people who know how to behave in a warehouse.

We have retained one of Flexicus' temps as a permanent employee. She has been with us for four months now and is absolutely fantastic.

I would recommend Flexicu to companies that need to take the pressure off - but they can certainly be used for many other things as well.

Einer Nicolaisen, CEO, MediaPrint

About the case:

In connection with MediaPrint having to move its warehouse, the company needed extra hands to handle the peak load. Specifically, in relation to packing up the old warehouse and getting it all correctly and systematically into new premises.

We helped the company with several temps for a few months. MediaPrint retained one of Flexicus’ temps as a permanent employee.

Do you need competent warehouse staff? Either as a temporary worker for a shorter period or for a permanent job?

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