Coop Mad

We reached out to Flexicu to get hands on, but we got a lot more. They have provided good input into our processes and way of working.

In connection with a redevelopment of the warehouse, we received an enormous amount of help from Flexicu and their partners, so that the warehouse came into play, became automated and more efficient.

Today, we use Flexicu as an aid for screening, recruiting and training new employees.

Anders Elong, operations manager, Coop Mad

About the case:

The company experienced – like the rest of the grocery trade – explosive growth due to corona. Therefore, they first had an urgent need for hands in the goods reception.

The collaboration with Flexicu began with us acquiring employees but has since developed. Among other things, we have helped Coop Mad to optimize its processes in connection with remodelling the warehouse.

Subsequently, we have helped to screen relevant candidates and train them to take the pressure off the managers, who have had to recruit and onboard a great many employees.


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