Our temp. agency at the time could no longer get enough people with the right qualifications, such as a truck certificate, so we contacted Flexicu to get warehouse workers.

It is a misunderstanding that you can always become a warehouse worker. You can not do that. I was worried about whether Flexicu could get temporary workers who were good enough because of the situation on the labor market.

But they could, and in a short time the employees performed.

Kevin Welms, logistics manager, Brønnum

About the case:

Brønnum is one of Scandinavia’s largest suppliers of machines and hardware for commercial kitchens in hotels, restaurants, and private and public canteens.

When the country reopened after the corona shutdown, the company got extremely busy – and a warehouse move only increased the pressure. The company was in urgent need of qualified employees to handle the peak workload.

Of the many employees that Flexicu brought to Brønnum to cope with the peak load, the company has since chosen to take over and hire most of them permanently.

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