Suppliers for warehouse logistics

Purpose of the network:

To contribute to our customers’ logistics, through something other than what each individual provider seeks to provide.

There are no financial interests between the members, and no “pay-back” is provided on sales achieved.

We have come together to create the best framework for optimal warehouse logistics with our current and potential customers.

  • What is happening on the market for solutions that we can mutually – and as a supplement to our own products – help our customers with
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Apport A/S

Apport Systems provides warehouse management for small, medium, and large companies – common to our customers is the desire for a greater focus on efficiency, employees and cost focus. Apport is Denmark’s leading WMS supplier and delivers solutions such as Cloud-based SaaS solutions to larger Enterprise solutions run On-Premises.

At Apport, no customer is too big or too small, we always try to put people first in the warehouse.

Feel free to contact us for a demo, a price or a physical visit to your warehouse.

Nordic Solutionpartner

Nordic Solution Partner offers your company a total overview of what you get and what you don’t get in various transport and storage solutions. Based on a thorough analysis, we give our recommendations, so that you can make a decision based on a qualified decision-making basis. The decision is subsequently 100% yours.

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Does your company have a large loss of transport packaging or is the process too time-consuming?

With myPallet’s digital packaging management, you can register both incoming and outgoing transport packaging in less than 10 seconds. Both when it comes to EUR pallets, CC containers, meat boxes or other forms of transport packaging.

myPallet is an open system and our vision is to become a market-neutral industry standard. With the myPallet app, you have complete self-control and no wastage. Your balance is automatically updated in real time and your transaction is visible a few seconds later in the web portal.

The myPallet app can be downloaded for both mobile, tablet and PDA, via IOS or Android and you access the web portal via your web browser.


A data analysis tool that will analyze all invoice data from a selected period (preferably 12 months), whereby we get information about the activities that have been in the warehouse. The data analysis processes the collected numbers and compares them to each other from a logistical point of view.

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EAB is a family-owned company with headquarters in Smålandsstenar in Sweden, where in traditional Småland fashion we have brought together all construction, production and development under one roof. We work with three product areas: storage facilities, gates and steel buildings.

Since the beginning in 1957, we have grown steadily, just like our solutions. Today you will find our storage facilities, gate systems and steel buildings all over the world.


EFFIMAT produces automatic high-speed picking and flexible storage, production, and distribution solutions. The name comes from our key product, the revolutionary EffiMat®.

The potential for picking and stock optimization is always the starting point for our work. Our products and advice are solutions to many of the storage and logistics challenges companies face in everyday life.

All our solutions are made specifically for the customer and are therefore unique.


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Mitsubishi forklift

Engineered for your success, our trucks offer outstanding performance, innovation and safety. They’re ready for any job you throw at them, with a wide range of configurations to suit all your needs.
Let us help you find the perfect match today.


Flexicu wants to contribute to the reduction of costs for warehouse logistics, through know-how, optimisation, automation, training and optimal use of resources, thereby strengthening the customers’ competitiveness.

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It must be easy, simple and transparent to handle freight. At LogiSnap, complicated freight solutions and time-consuming manual processes are a thing of the past.

We offer efficient order and freight handling in one platform. In other words, LogiSnap is perfect for you who want the fastest and best shipping solution on the market.


Clean air is a big advantage for your company in every way – When you reduce dust and particles and get the best possible indoor climate, you improve earnings, image and working environment. You get employees who thrive, you save on your cleaning and heating, and you avoid unplanned downtime and false fire alarms.

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Based on more than 20 years of experience and deliveries to hundreds of customers, Codeex supplies all types of storage and logistics solutions.

We advise and implement based on your company’s needs and the market’s best hardware and software; from marking labels, hand terminals and truck scanners to network solutions, picking strategies and integration for all financial systems.

All with one goal in mind – to ensure your company customer service and efficiency gains that create strategic competitive advantages.

You are free to contact members in the network for a chat about their services/products, or you can let Flexicu make the contact.