Make your warehouse more profitable

There are many elements in the operation of a warehouse that will cost you money if you are not aware of them. Many companies struggle with e.g. incorrect receipt of goods, poor layout of the warehouse, time-consuming processes, and the receipt of returned goods.

Flexicu offers you advice in relation to optimizing your warehouse operations, from top to bottom. Via our extensive experience in this field, we have a special eye for the details that many overlook – even though they are extremely important.

This is how we help you:

When we advise you, we look at your entire value chain in the warehouse. Specifically, it concerns, among other things:

  • Goods receipt: Do you get your goods to the right place quickly, or is there room for improvement?
  • Locations: Are your goods placed sensibly so that employees can quickly get to those with the most turnover?
  • Layout: Do you make it easy for your warehouse employees to process the orders with your general layout?
  • Equipment and technology: Do you have the correct amount of hardware, e.g., trucks and forklifts. Could you make your operation more efficient with technology such as hand scanners?
  • Returns Handling: A task many hope to perform rarely, however very important for the smooth operation of the warehouse. Can you reduce costs when you receive returned goods, e.g. via optimized processes and reduced handling times?

Once we have advised you, you will receive a task list. It helps you implement the improvements we’ve made.

If you wish, we will also be happy to help you with the implementation.

Reasons to collaborate with Flexicu:

  • You get transparent prices and a flexibility that allows you to scale up and down the warehouse operation based on current business needs. That way you don't pay for idle time.
  • Our temporary workers and employees have experience and training in storage and logistics, so they can enter your operation from day 1. This means that you save time and money on training.
  • We have extensive experience with warehouse optimization and operation. Therefore, we can quickly see where you are bleeding money in the warehouse and get it corrected.