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Warehouse and logistics determine the success of your business

A well-run warehouse gets the right goods over the counter on time. That makes for happy customers, and happy customers make for more business.

If you have warehouse operations as one of your company’s key activities, proper processes and the right employees are essential for growth.

In Flexicu, you get a professional collaboration partner who works on your business terms. Regardless of whether your need is to acquire new warehouse employees, get temps for periods of peak load or completely leave the warehouse operation to us.

We always focus on optimizing your warehouse operation, because that is our core business – leaving you the time to optimizing your core business.

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Why are we called Flexicu?

Our company is based on the Danish working model: Flexicurity.

It is characterized by a high degree of mobility (flexibility) and a finely meshed safety net for the unemployed (security). Hence the name Flexicu.

We make a living by helping people find jobs and helping companies obtain the right skills.

We also continuously hire people who are on the edge of the labor market. Everyone must have a chance to contribute. And everyone can contribute at Flexicu.

We work closely with the country’s municipalities and job centres. It’s our way of contributing to the UN’s global goal number eight – but it’s also just plain common sense.


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